This is the Terms of Service Page

  1. This site is child-friendly. No swearing or harsh language.
  2. No spamming.
  3. You may add rules in your forum threads, but you can not override Site/Forum rules.
  4. Be polite and friendly, no bullying, harassing and attacking.
  5. No advertising. See full details below.
  6. Tag all spoilers in [hide] tags.
  7. Only you may use your account, and you may only have one account. This is to prevent cheating.
  8. "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse.


This site is intended to be child-friendly. This means no swearing or harsh language. This extends to linking or referencing off site works which are inappropriate in nature.
Forum Ratings - We have seperate sections for different thread-ratings. Viewable for all, 15+ and the Mature forums. If a thread is child-friendly, but there's a post, or numerous posts, that are not, then you should use hide tags while stating the reason for the new rating of the individual. If a thread is PG-13 in content, it MUST be stated so in the thread title. If a thread is primarily PG-13 in content and has single posts that are PG-15 in nature, they should not be there. All PG-15 posts MUST be in the PG-15 area (or the Mature forums). If a thread is PG-15 in content, it MUST be in the 15+ area - no exceptions. ALL 18+ content MUST be placed in the Mature Forums. No exceptions.
Individual Forum Rules - Individual forums may have rules of their own. There may be a thread Pinned at the top of the forum's thread list, clearly named, which includes rules to be followed. Links to these threads can be found linked at the bottom of these rules for your convenience.
Language - The primary language of this website is English, as such this means that all content should be in English. This includes on the forums themselves and About Me's - though it does not count for Jouals nor PMs. For alteate language usage, we do also provide a section for 'country-specific clans'. We recommend that if you wish to use another language, you use that section.


SPAM will not be tolerated. Examples of SPAM include, but are not limited to, being off-topic, posting something short and not worth the time to read (ie. awesome!, I like this, this is good / bad, this needs changing), or posting random stuff for absolutely no reason. Most SPAM is obvious, but we also consider asking for clicks to be SPAM: if you want interactions, click other people and they will likely retu the favour. Just because a definition of SPAM is not listed here, does not mean that it is not SPAM. S.P.A.M stands for - "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". Generally speaking, forum-based responses are required to be above three words, minimum (this is to avoid one-word replies or smiley face-only responses).
Thread Purpose - Every thread must have a specific purpose, and it must fit within the scope of the forum it is posted in. Threads with no purpose may be deleted. Threads in the wrong forum may be moved to a relevant forum. Please make sure you're posting in the right place.
Type Appropriately - Chatspeak is not acceptable. Check your spelling, and try to at least have understandable grammar. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, but the difference between "someone who doesn't speak English" and "someone who speaks English and deliberately makes no effort" is painfully obvious.
Asking Repeat Questions - This mostly applies to the Help forums, but is applicable elsewhere, too. Generally speaking, a lot of questions are answered already whether it be in the rules, the wiki or on other help threads where the same question has already been asked.
Begging - Begging for other people's hard-eaed items (pets, currency, items) is NOT allowed and is considered SPAM no matter how you cut it. The same goes for click-begging - If you want click-backs, please click others and be active - that is truly the best way.
Multi-posting - Don't post twice in a row unless it is allowed under the guidelines provided under a specific sub-forums rule-set.


Please do not advertise in your forum posts. It is, however, acceptable to link to a site you own in your signature, but only with a text link. You may post adoptables in your signature too. These must use the Display Code given to you by the site they come from.